Electromobility and Energy Transformation are proposed solution to the climate crisis, but where will their supply of critical materials come from?




We are an authorized supplier of critical metals extracted from obsolete electronics and post-industrial electronic scrap, leveraging A.I. for precious metal content identification.

Today, critical materials’ supply doesn’t have to involve mining, environmental destruction and child labor.

For Precious Metal Refineries:

Presorted components: 
– Printed Circuit Boards
– Microprocessors
– Li-Ion Batteries

→ Maximized metal recovery

Valuable materials supply
– Containing: Gold, Platinum, Cobalt, etc
– Clean, traceable sources
– Authorized and reliable

→ Minimized supply risk

For Electronics’ Producers (OEMs):

E-Waste management
– ISO certified process
– Transparent toxics’ management
– Based on environmental education

→ Guaranteed clean management

Transparent Reports:
– ESG- Goals oriented
– End-of-life transparency
– Official compliance with regulations

→ Quantifiable impact reports

How it works

We collect, sort, and distribute e-Waste which is recycled and transformed into key materials required for EV production and Energy Transformation.

Global South’s conditions for e-Waste are similar. Systemic solutions that minimize environmental hazards and maximize scarce material recovery are required.

Our management team combines +80 years of experience in waste management. We leverage it with knowledge and technology to grow, replicate and scale our vision.

Dylan Roman
Founder & CEO

Erube Flores

Gema Fuentes
Business & Operation

Georgina Luna
Administration & Procurement

Guillermo Roman
Chief Technical Advisor

José Antonio Contreras
Financial Advisor

Maximilian Wolf

Melina León
Supply & Civil Society

Arturo Rosenthal
Operations Director
Louie Preiss


"...Working with Reinicia el Ciclo has been an opportunity for our students, teachers and administrative staff to actively contribute to the achievement of our SDGs Plan through recycling electronics."
Albert Einstein University
"... With the aim of contributing to the environment... we held the 'Environmental Impact' conference with NIU NIU, for students from different schools, in which issues of electronic waste were discussed and thus have adequate control to prevent contamination..."
Xonacatlán Municipality, Jalisco